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A Screen a Story – a sizeable font?


In today’s world screen get bigger and bigger, resulting in screen resolutions following that trend. The highest I have seen so far is 3360 x 2100, but I to end there. Working with IBM i Access Clients Solutions, it annoyed me that the 5250 looked as show below:

What is the use of setting 5250 emulation to a greater size if all you get is more white space?
Only recently I learned that this was just because I made the choice to work with the default font for 5250 emulation in ACS. The default font is picked by IBM and is called “IBM3270”. It has it’s origin in the IBM 3270 terminal introduced in 1971 I guess. I font I have been using since the introduction of ACS back in 2012, but it is a font which does not size. This setting can be found in the 5250 emulation menu of ACS under “Communication” => “Screen” => “Font” => “Font Name” as shown below:

When you select instead of “IBM3270” the font “Osaka”, which is a sizeable font you are in for a surprise. All of a sudden the screen looks like this:

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One response to “A Screen a Story – a sizeable font?”

  1. Paul deV avatar
    Paul deV

    Where can I get this font?

    When I use the options you are showing, I don’t have that font listed.

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