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Newsletter Advertising

PowerWire newsletter is mailed out to over 2,200
subscribers on the first Thursday of every month.

There are three advertising banner positions. They are;

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Tertiary

We allow Product Showcase and Case Study articles within the newsletter & website but these are paid for and will be indicated as advertising.

They will however, be located in the newsletter/website just like the education and technical articles.

Press releases will not be charged for.

Newsletter Pricing

Text that is a maximum of 400 characters in length with a 120*60 logo.

Spaces and punctuation are included in the character count. Multiple links to multiple locations are acceptable. Bold, Italic, etc. are all okay.

A 728*90 pixels advert is also acceptable in jpg, png or gif format.

Case studies and product show cases have no limit on test, wording or pictures.

Copy deadline is seven days before publication.

SpacePrice Per Month (GBP)
Study or Product Cases£400

Website Advertising

PowerWire’s website has two major banner positions.

These are the leader board and the side panel.

Leader Board

This is the prime position at the top of the website page and appears on all pages of the website. E.g. when a reader opens an article the leader board is still at the top of the page they have opened.

The banner can be linked to your web-site and be GIF format.

Side Panel

This rectangular position is set within the right-hand column of the website and again appears on further pages when opened.

Website Pricing

PowerWire’s bookings run per calendar month, i.e. if an advert is posted on the PowerWire website from the 5th January, it is taken down on the 5th February.

Images must be either .png/.jpg or .gif format and received by PowerWire at least seven days prior to publication.

website advertising
SpaceSize in PixelsPrice Per Month (GBP)
Leaderboard728 * 90£400
Side Panel360 * 180£200

Press Releases

PowerWire offers an exclusive opportunity for companies to publish one free Press Release article annually.

The complimentary press release service is there for the flash promotion of a single product.


This free offer is contingent upon the submitter’s subscription to our monthly newsletter.

Once we have received your press release, the submitter will automatically be enrolled in the full PowerWire subscription, which includes additional marketing privileges.


For ease, the free press release benefit is aligned with the calendar year.

We require seven days notice for press releases.


Should you have any questions regarding our free press release policy, please reach out to us via our Contact Us form.

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please Note

All invoices for advertising will include VAT and require payment within 14 days.

PowerWire reserves the editorial discretion to modify any content to ensure alignment with our publication standards and guidelines.