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Vector Networks’ new Vizor shines light on Shadow IT


ITAM innovator announces SaaS optimization and cloud lifecycle management in Spring 17 release of its solution, Vizor

 May 24th 2017, Atlanta (USA), Montreal (Canada), and Birmingham (UK) – Vector Networks today announced SaaS optimization and cloud lifecycle management capabilities in its Spring 17 release of ITAM solution, Vizor (

The new release of Vizor complements existing software license management and asset lifecycle functionality with new features and processes for managing software subscriptions and the approval and provision of SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure. 

New SaaS and Cloud discovery functionality monitors financial transactions so software purchases can firstly be discovered then managed. Single line items from invoices and credit cards can be tracked in Vizor with specific functionality for auto renewing SaaS subscriptions and reporting recurring costs at department and per employee basis.

Erick Yanez, Vector Networks’ CEO, states, “Analysts are predicting that subscription models of software procurement will overtake perpetual licensing and maintenance by 2019. We are seeing a growing number of our customers migrating to subscription-based licensing models for the majority of their software procurement already. Although cloud services pioneered this model, subscriptions for traditionally installed on-premises software are now the norm also.”

In addition to exposing current shadow IT SaaS and cloud subscriptions, the Vizor Spring 17 Release also contains functionality for controlling shadow IT and cloud sprawl going forward. Vizor’s Request Portal has been extended to support request and approval of SaaS applications like SalesForce and DocSign and cloud infrastructure services from Azure and AWS. Vizor’s Request Portal enables IT to meet the ever-changing demands of the business without closing the door to innovative new cloud solutions by empowering users and departments whilst keeping IT in control.

To combat cloud sprawl Vizor, manages the complete lifecycle of SaaS applications and cloud infrastructure. Onboarding and Offboarding functionality manages the provision and de-provision of SaaS and Cloud assets so they’re right-sized for the role of every employee and requirement of each project. Yanez, notes, “Organizations are overspending on SaaS subscriptions for ex-employees and cloud infrastructure such as virtual instances which are no longer required by the business. The Spring 17 Release of Vizor resolves these issues.”

The Spring 17 Release builds on top of Vizor’s existing IT and Software Asset Management platform with functionality specifically designed for the challenges faced by modern IT departments. Yanez concludes, “Vizor is uniquely positioned to manage all software expenditure whether incurred by cloud services or on-premises software. From computers and software discovered by Microsoft SCCM to a SaaS subscription or AWS Instance, the complete lifecycle and spend can be managed in Vizor.”



Vizor Spring 17 Release is immediately available for existing customers and evaluation.


About Vizor

Vizor is the flagship solution from ITAM trend setters Vector Networks. Vizor provides medium sized organizations with powerful IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management and IT Service Management capabilities. Vizor embodies Vector’s 25 years of industry experience in a state of the art solution utilizing modern web, cloud and mobile technologies.

The flexibility and configurability of the Vizor platform ensures the IT asset and service management requirements of Vector’s customers are met today and tomorrow. Vizor scales from an accurate catalog defining IT assets, their location and employee allocation to supporting automation of complex IT processes. Streamlining tasks such as user provisioning, Vizor reduces IT workload, cuts costs and increases IT agility.

The Vizor “Spring 17 Release” introduces major enhancements for organizations looking to manage SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription spend and control shadow IT.


About Vector Networks

Vector Networks is recognized as an innovative leader in the IT asset management space. Vector is passionate about ITAM (IT Asset Management) and is seen as a trend setter creating innovative solutions for small to medium sized IT departments. Vector has a diverse customer base across many verticals with a particular strength in the financial, healthcare, government and government consulting sectors. Vector operates from bases in Atlanta (USA), Montreal (Canada) and the UK, and sell direct and through value-adding partners.


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