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HelpSystems Introduces New Multi-Factor Authentication Solution



Minneapolis, MN, May 23, 2017—HelpSystems today announced the release of Access Authenticator, a simple way to control user access to mission-critical systems, and meet today’s evolving compliance requirements.

Access Authenticator is a multi-factor authentication solution that requires a user to verify his or her identity with two or more credentials before gaining access to sensitive systems and data. These credentials include something the user knows (a password) plus something they have (a fob or mobile device) and/or something they are (a biometric characteristic).

Access Authenticator is simple to administer and can be scaled across IT environments of all sizes. Its comprehensive authentication manager centralizes administration and visually displays key security metrics.

A self-service portal and mobile app make the authentication process easy for end users, who can verify their identities anywhere they have an internet connection.

Access Authenticator is also designed to help organizations comply with PCI DSS 3.2, which requires multi-factor authentication for remote and local access to the cardholder data environment, effective February 1, 2018.

“Multi-factor authentication helps organizations stay in compliance with other mandates, like HIPAA and GDPR, said Chris Heim, CEO at HelpSystems. “The market need for secure user access is growing, and our goal was to deliver an easy-to-use solution that meets evolving security concerns.”

“Most access control schemes rely solely on user passwords, which are easily compromised. Phishing scams, weak passwords, and reused passwords all can render than single credential useless,” said Robin Tatam, Director of Security Technologies at HelpSystems. “Access Authenticator adds an additional layer of security that reduces the risk of a data breach.”

Access Authenticator is the only multi-factor authentication solution on the market to feature an agent for IBM i, with plans to include agents for AIX, Linux, and Windows.

To learn more, request a free demonstration of Access Authenticator today.


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