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Time to Say Byebye to the POWER7+


Those of you with first generation POWER7 processor (the models that end in B & C) will be all to aware that on Monday this week (30th September 2019) IBM ceased their mainstream hardware support for these models. Some of you will of managed to negotiate and EOS Extension of Service but this is often at a much lower SLA level and so should be considered carefully. 

And so it is with not great surprise that yesterday, IBM announced the end of support date for the remaining POWER7+ family (D  & T models) the end of support date is 31st December 2020.   That should still give you have plenty of time to make alternate support arrangements, negotiate and extension with IBM or my own personal favourite, go out and buy a new server.

The official announcement can be found at the link below:

But in essences it lists the remaining POWER7+ model and gives the same date for all of them:

Now of course end of support from IBM does not mean that the servers will stop working and indeed assuming you are running a supported operating system like IBM i 7.3 then you will still be able to get software support from IBM after 31st December 2020.

Notice I did not say, IBM i 7.2 or 7.4, this is quite deliberate as a POWER7 will not run IBM i 7.4 and IBM also recently announced the end of support for 7.2, you can find out more about that at the link below.

Nice to see you

It was great to see you all in Milton Keynes at the i-UG i-Power event in June, it was our biggest event yet and personally I thought one of the best.

Our next user group meeting will be at The Mount Hotel, in my home town of Wolverhampton on Thursday 7th November.

More details and a registration are available at our website

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