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Survey Shows Continued Concern Over IBM i Security


Minneapolis, MN, January 15, 2018—HelpSystems today announced that organizations continue to cite security as a top business concern in 2018 with 72 percent of survey takers considering security as they plan for their IT environments.

“Organizations everywhere face growing cybersecurity challenges, and IBM i shops are no different,” says Tom Huntington, Executive Vice President of Technical Solutions at HelpSystems and author of the survey. “Balancing security controls and business efficiency, along with lack of security knowledge and everchanging threats are the top challenges our survey respondents face when it comes to cybersecurity.”

72.7 percent of survey respondents run more than half of their business applications on IBM i. This is a core platform for many of its users, which explains why security and high availability/disaster recovery are so important.

IBM i users are also focused on improving the user experience with modern, easy-to-use interfaces. The widespread usage of open source development tools, at 75 percent, shows how committed the community is to development and modernization on the platform.

The IBM i platform continues to rank very high in customer satisfaction and this survey confirms the IBM i market is highly stable. For the fourth straight year, nearly 93 percent of survey participants state IBM i delivers a higher return on investment than other platforms. And 23.5 percent of the respondents shared they plan to increase their IBM i footprint by adding new applications and technologies to the operating system.

“Every year, we see high satisfaction among IBM i users,” says Chris Heim, CEO, HelpSystems. “This feedback comes from developers and administrators, as well as management. 43.4 percent of survey takers hold C-level and IT management roles, which shows organizations understand the value IBM i brings to their businesses. The number of organizations planning to increase their IBM i footprint bears this out.”

The complete 2018 IBM i Marketplace Survey Results are now available online.


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