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Introducing IBM i Security Monitoring as a Service


Security threats are here to stay, which means that companies need to continue to evolve the controls they put in place to protect their data.  Compliance was designed to provide a framework for companies to follow to identify risks and implement policies to reduce the chance of a breach.  All compliance regulations require companies to implement continuous monitoring, in order to monitor for threats in real time.

The Challenge with IBM i Security

IBM i is highly securable, but companies often struggle with how to properly secure their environments without impacting users.  Often companies lack a deep understanding of IBM i security and how to implement it.  They also lack the time to implement monitoring solutions, maintain them and understand what is really critical from the alerts and reports.

Introducing IBM i Security Monitoring as a Service

We’re excited to introduce our new IBM i Security Monitoring as a Service.  iTech Solutions can help make protecting your IBM i easier than ever.  Our knowledgeable and experienced staff become an extension of your team.  We implement the monitoring solution and maintain it.  We also review your alerts and reports and meet with you monthly to review your security events in detail.  When there is a threat detected, we will notify your staff so you can mitigate the risk.

iTech Solutions News

You can read more about our IBM i Security Monitoring as a Service on our blog and in this recent IT Jungle Article.

You can download our new data sheet here.

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