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Maxava Expands Support for JD Edwards Customers


Philadelphia, PA (1 December, 2016) – Maxava, a global leading specialist in cloud monitoring, replication and recovery solutions for IBM Power Systems, today announced additional support for JD Edwards (“JDE”) Enterprise One and World applications via their in-house monitoring and recovery offerings.

While Maxava has been supporting recovery efforts of its JD Edwards base for years, it continues to look for new ways to deliver value to ERP customers. Driven by feedback from JD Edwards InFocus and other midrange user groups, Maxava continues to evolve its solution set to support these environments, especially Enterprise One.

“To meet the demands of our JDE customers, we are sharpening our Maxava Monitor Mi8 to focus on the applications elements running on AIX, Linux, Windows, and IBM i,” says John Dominic, Executive Vice President, Maxava. “This evolution is also a key part of our ongoing commitment to support IBM Power Systems as a whole, from the system to the application layer.”

Most JD Edwards clients find data availability to be the primary concern when choosing DR Services and it is here that Maxava truly excels. Whether on-site or in the cloud, Maxava delivers a true no-data-loss option to every customer through its proprietary cloud monitoring and recovery solutions. Maxava feels this unique combination provides a full line of data protection where Maxava Monitor Mi8 acts as a first line of defense, while Maxava’s recovery solutions protect customers from the worst case scenario.

JD Edwards is heavily entrenched in the IBM Power Systems marketplace, especially in verticals like manufacturing and distribution, where transactions are processed in extraordinarily high volumes. This massive creation of new data highlights the need for recovery that is not only quick, but precise. That precision is delivered in the form of Command Intercept, a Maxava HA function that ensures data replication is not only automatic, but automatically sequenced. Maxava’s JDE customers rely heavily on this automation, as most do not have, let alone want, to dedicate massive staff resource simply to care and feed the recovery process or take the risk of using non IBM-sanctioned protocols for data transmissions.

“We have proven our commitment to recover JD Edwards data over multiple customer installations these last 10 years, and as requirements for data availability evolve, so will we,” adds Dominic.


About Maxava – Maxava is a worldwide provider of innovative monitoring, high availability and disaster recovery solutions for IBM Power Systems. Maxava’s software and services are available from a global network of partners and are integral to the cloud offerings of leading Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers. Customers have been using Maxava software and services for more than 16 years to ensure business continuity, reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements. Today, Maxava serves more than 500 customers in over 40 countries, providing 24x7x365 support directly through regional offices located in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Visit for more information or find out what our customers have to say at Maxava Customer Case Study Videos.

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