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Maxava and CMA Technology Solutions Bolster Strategic Partnership to Deliver Next Generation Disaster Recovery Services


Strategic Partnership reaffirms commitment to deliver premium Recovery and Monitoring services.

Baton Rouge, LA and Philadelphia, PA (24 November, 2016) – Maxava, a worldwide provider of innovative monitoring, high availability and disaster recovery solutions continues to bolster its partnership with CMA Technology Solutions. Since 2009, the two organizations have successfully implemented Recovery and Monitoring services for dozens of IBM i clients in the South Central states.

“The combination of IBM experience, localized expertise and superior technology is in high demand, especially in areas that are sensitive to impact of disaster-based outages,” says John Dominic, Executive Vice President of Maxava. “CMA’s business clients are all too familiar with the impact of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, reinforcing the need for reliable disaster recovery services.”

When Maxava launched their new cloud-based monitoring solution, CMA recognized the solution as a perfect fit. “We saw that we could use Maxava Monitor Mi8 to monitor all the critical facets of our customers’ IBM Power Systems (IBM i and AIX), Windows and Linux on a single screen” says Peter Mackey of CMA. “We already have four customers up and running on Mi8 with many more planned. We have found its rapid, low-cost deployment and monthly payment terms to be the perfect scenario to allow our customers to implement immediate visibility of system performance and availability with real-time alerts.’’

CMA and Maxava bring an invaluable solution to the table. Monitoring provides a first line of defense against both hardware and human error, while high availability and disaster recovery (HA/DR) solutions protect local businesses against worst-case scenarios. Customers in several different industries rely on these services to keep their IBM i operations up 24x7x365, especially in a time when disasters highlight the financial pain and brand damage caused by data loss.

The partnership has been particularly focused on eliminating the type of data loss caused by an outage while delivering a tailored recovery time that fits customer demand and budget. CMA also leverages Maxava’s automated monitoring solution for IBM Power Systems to support its hosting services. These expert solutions and services ensure maximum uptime and minimal data loss in the event of any disaster.


About CMA Technology Solutions – For 30 years, CMA Technology Solutions has delivered end-to-end solution in computer hardware and software, IT consulting, virtualization, cloud hosting, cloud backup, disaster recovery, managed services, wireless networking, and video surveillance to clients across Louisiana, east Texas and the Gulf Coast, in addition to their headquarters in Baton Rouge. Visit CMA Technology for more information.

About Maxava – Maxava is a worldwide provider of innovative monitoring, high availability and disaster recovery solutions for IBM Power Systems. Maxava’s software and services are available from a global network of partners and are integral to the cloud offerings of leading Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers. Customers have been using Maxava software and services for more than 16 years to ensure business continuity, reduce risk and meet regulatory requirements. Today, Maxava serves more than 500 customers in over 40 countries, providing 24x7x365 support directly through regional offices located in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Visit for more information or find out what our customers have to say at Maxava Customer Case Study Videos.

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