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How to get the New Navigator for i


There has been a lot of positive feedback about the New Navigator for i (NewNav) interface and this is for good reason as this new IBM i Administration Interface really is a blueprint for what a modern interface should be like.

As there are so many articles telling you why it’s better, I thought I’d create a simple article to tell you how to check if you have already got it and if not what you need to do to get it.

How to check if you have NewNav?

NewNav is delivered by PTF to IBM i 7.3 and 7.4, so if you have updated your PTFs in the last week, then chances are you’ve already got it.

There is a specific PTF which will show as loaded if you have it

  • IBM i 7.3 – SI76982 (part of HTTP Group level 32)
  • IBM i 7.4 – SI76981 (part of HTTP Group level 14)

If you see a screen like this, then it’s time to order some PTFs.

For best results, rather than just order this one PTF. I strongly suggest you install the Latest Cumulative and all Group PTFs.

This updates your Java, HTTP servers, IBM i Service and security all in one.

Checking your group levels are up to date

As you may well recall there is an IBM i Services called PTF group currency, it is part of your ACS Insert from Example set, so you should be able to find it easily enough but just in case there is a copy below:

With iLevel(iVersion, iRelease) AS


select OS_VERSION, OS_RELEASE from sysibmadm.env_sys_info



     FROM iLevel, systools.group_ptf_currency P

     WHERE ptf_group_release = ‘R’ CONCAT iVersion CONCAT iRelease concat ‘0’

     ORDER BY ptf_group_level_available – ptf_group_level_installed DESC;

Below is an example from one of my systems show that it is running at HTTP group level 31, which is not new enough to provide NewNav.

ProTip: The nice thing about this view is that it tells me the other Groups I need to order as well and how far behind they are.

Checking you have the NewNav WebServer running (ADMIN1)

Once you are sure you have the correct PTFs installed to enable new Nav, then you should also check that you have the NewNav Webserver running on your system.  It should start by default but just in case you can check for the ADMIN1 server by running: WRKACTJOB SBS(QHTTPSVR)

Accessing NewNav from your browser

So far, all the modern browsers I have tried have worked great with NewNav, so whether you like Chrome, Edge, Safari or FireFox you should be fine but please don’t use Internet Explorer.  In fact, please just don’t use Internet Explore period.

So, open your browser of choice, type in https:// followed by your system name or IP address followed by :2002/Navigator.  So for example, I used

If it works you will get the NewNav Logo next to your Login, you can use your normal IBM i Credentials to login.

Can I add it to ACS

One of the questions I get asked a lot is can I add it to ACS?  Well yes of course, there is a way to change the existing ACS Navigator for i shortcut but I think for now it is best to have both the old and NewNav available. 

So, I recommend adding access to NewNav by doing the following:

Open ACS

Select System Configuration

Select your System and cleck EDIT

Select Hardware Management Tab

Add an extra ASMI interface from list

Enter your NewNav :2002 URL

Optionally, you can enter a description

Click OK

Now when you Open ACS you will have a choice of when you call up OldNav or NewNav.

ProTip: If you are using other IBM i Browser based interfaces to interact with this LPAR e.g. Admin Runtime Expert, WebQuery or even just a Tape Library or HMC then you can add them to this same ACS interface and keep all your shortcuts together and in context for this system.

What if I’m running 7.2 of IBM i or older?

If you have IBM i LPARs running 7.2 or 7.1, all is not lost as if you have just one LPAR running 7.3 or 7.4 then you can use that to manage multiple LPARs, even those at 7.2 and 7.1.
Be warned, because NewNav is based on IBM i Services, some functions of NewNav will not work on 7.2 and 7.1 but if you have been PTFing them, even the old LPARs work pretty well in my experience.

i-UG goes In Person

The timing seems perfect to go old school and have an in person i-UG meeting.  So we will be at The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park on Thursday 8th October.
For more details check out

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3 responses to “How to get the New Navigator for i”

  1. Mike Ryan avatar
    Mike Ryan

    Hi Steve. I’d better start checking my PTF’s then… Great article. See you later!

  2. Mike Ryan avatar
    Mike Ryan

    Have you told everyone that you will be demonstrating this with Tim Rowe at the I-UG meeting at the National Museum of Computing on Thursday?

  3. Alex Krashevsky avatar
    Alex Krashevsky

    Great, structured and easy to follow guidance. Thank you!

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