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Goldilocks and the RPG Developers


My partners, Jon Paris and Paul Tuohy, and I participated in i-UG’s i-Power event in 2016 and in similar events with i-UG in past years. It’s always great to meet and work with fellow IBM i developers in the UK.

Traditional i-UG events offer a series of 45-minute sessions – but many of the detailed development topics we cover just can’t squeeze into that time frame. The alternative has been half or full day workshops. But that severely limits the number of topics. In other words, we have always been faced with a “Goldilocks” scenario – the sessions were either too short or too long.

Enter the “SiD* University” Lectures. A series of in-depth 75-minute technical sessions that should make even Goldilocks happy!

Developers signed up for the “University” can choose from 8 different developer-oriented topics – 2 topics in each of 4 time slots. Sessions range from the latest features of RPG itself to using ILE, SQL and RDi.

We hoped that, like Goldilocks, UK RPGers would find the SiD University lectures neither too short nor too long, but just right.

Based on registration figures so far, it seems that our biggest challenge may be whether we will have enough seats! But that’s a nice problem to have.

If you haven’t already signed up, check out the SiD University Lecture series at the i-UG International i-Power event in June. Jon, Paul and I would love to see you.

* SiD, aka System i Developer, hosts the RPG & DB2 Summit events twice annually in the US.

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One response to “Goldilocks and the RPG Developers”

  1. I love the concept. The presentations are very good, but it seems to take some effort to get it to work on my home system. I recently attended a half day lab with @aaronbartell that was part of the NESTU education day. There were about 15 participants and to have Aaron present to help us get everything working was invaluable. Hopefully you will find it useful with your university offering too.