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Do I need to pay for Java?


Over the last few months, you may have noticed some rather confusing messages about the need to pay for Java. They imply that you need to pay to use Java if you are a business, and in some cases this will be true but in most cases you will NOT need to pay a penny.

What’s going on?

In a nutshell, Oracle would like some more money, this desire is understandable and shared by a large population of the planet but unlike (I hope) most of the world, the way that they want to get that extra cash is through casting F.U.D. (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).

I’m no Oracle licensing expert and having read Oracle’s FAQ page (link below) I’m glad I don’t need to be but it’s clear that they would like you to sign up.

Do I need to pay Oracle for Java on IBM i?

In a word NO!  Put simply, Oracle is not the only provider of Java and the version shipped on your IBM i server (i.e. licensed program 57xx-JV1) is packaged, supplied, licensed and supported by IBM under the same terms as they always were.

If you need a link for your compliance records, the one below confirms this.

Do I need to pay Oracle for Java used in RDi?

Again no, the IBM link shared in the previous paragraph explains that IBM packages and supplies their own version of Java (the eclipse version) with RDi. So, not only do you not need to pay Oracle, you do not need the Oracle version of Java on your computer for RDi to run.

Do I need to pay Oracle for Java used in ACS?

Yet again no.  With the end of support for IBM i Access for Windows (link below) being the 30th April this year, hopefully, most of you are starting to roll out the no extra charge replacement IBM ACS (IBM i Access Client Solutions).!/wiki/IBM%20i%20Technology%20Updates/page/IBM%20i%20Access%20End%20of%20Service%20Dates

ACS can use Oracle’s version of Java to run and in some circumstances the use of this version of Java with ACS could require you to pay some of your hard-earned pennies to Oracle.

BUT! – ACS does NOT require Oracle’s version of Java and works just fine with other versions that do not require you to pay.  The link below from IBM walks your through one such way you can do this:

What happens if I do nothing?

Well, if I can steal from the great bard yet again, “that is the question”. I suspect that you will keep getting updates as you did before but probably with more F.U.D splash screens advising you of this change and the potential need for a support contract.

If any of you have and opinion, please feel free to comment in the link below and as 2019 goes on, we will find out together.

Nice to see you

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