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PowerWire Editors Corner
Barcelona English Power IBM Champions

Celebrating the English Power IBM Champions at the IBM TechXchange EMEA Conference

Congratulations to the English Power IBM Champions who attended the IBM TechXchange EMEA conference in Barcelona.
The conference showcased IBM expertise and achievements in various topics, such as cloud, AI, security and modernisation.
The conference also featured a great show by the Common Europe team, who presented a wide range of sessions and workshops for the Power community.
In the photo above, you can see Herb Daley, Libby Ingrassia, Steve Cast, Eddie Chaffin and our editor Andy Youens.
We are proud of their accomplishments and contributions to the Power ecosystem.

And in other news …

This month we welcome back as a contributors Terry Bartlett & Glenn Robinson whose last article was four years ago.
This time he is back with an AIX article on using Open-Source on AIX.

Great articles from you both!

We promised more AIX and Linux on Power articles, and this is only the start!

Enjoy these fresh articles this month!

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