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What’s New in Firewall 17.38



This document describes the new features and improvements that Raz-Lee Security made available in Firewall. Some important recent information is added for convenience.

Setting Exit Points
The DBOPEN/SQL Exit Point Setting properties screen has moved to a new location and is now called Setting DB-OPEN and SQL (STRFW > 1 > 2). It is made up of two screens. In the second screen a new option exists:
•Work with files to exclude

Work with Database SQL Server Jobs
This option is new and enables working only with SQL database items.

Additional Message Information
This new screen enables information about actions performed or not performed listed in the log.
This screen enables viewing of Command type, User, IP, Decision level and Operation mode.

New Verb: Merge Processed
A new status was added in the Status column: Merge.

‘Telnet device installation’ is now enabled as a server option in the “Additional Message Information” screen.

*PRINT1-*PRINT9 User Parameters
Export/Import options are defined (in Audit definitions only), and the parameters can be viewed Firewall and set accordingly.

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