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Webinar to dissect Europe’s IBM i market


PowerWire will team up with HelpSystems on May 7 to present a live webinar and you are invited.

With the self-explanatory title “IBM i Marketplace Survey Reveals Key Differences between Europe and the Rest of the World” the online session will feature Help’s Tom Huntington and PowerWire’s illustrious editor Seamus Quinn.

The webinar will be based on data gathered from the 2014/2015 poll held by HelpSystems in conjunction with IT Jungle and PowerWire. Over 350 IBM i users from different industries and sizes of organisation around the world responded to the questionnaire.

Their responses revealed some key differences between Europe and the rest of the world and shed light on some burning questions, including: “What are your current IT initiatives?”, “Do you plan to leave IBM i?” and “Does IBM i deliver a better ROI than other servers?”.

You can read more lowdown and register for the webinar (which will be delivered via Webex) on the HelpSystems’ website here. The session will commence at 2.00pm UK time/3.00pm across much of mainland Europe and is free.

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