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Visual LANSA is a Game Changer for Web Application Development



Web applications with the look and feel of desktop applications.
Downers Grove, IL — November 16, 2015 — For more than 25 years, LANSA has continually enhanced its software development tools to make developing business applications easier and to keep pace with technology advances. Visual LANSA version 14 is the next step in this journey and brings game changing features for Web applications and includes more than 300 product enhancements.

Developers using Visual LANSA can produce Web applications that look and perform like desktop applications using one programming language for the whole application – both client and server. Visual LANSA allows you to distribute the business logic between servers and browsers to serve the requirements of the user interface and the integration with line-of-business systems. The Web applications have a desktop quality look-and-feel and run in any browser because the code generated by Visual LANSA is cross-browser compatible. You can build applications that support multiple device types and sizes, including smart phones, tablets, desktops and laptops from the same code.

The use of programming tools that automatically generate some or all of the program code is still not widespread. Visual LANSA generates much of the application code for you, especially the user interface, allowing you to build Web applications in a fraction of the time taken using other tools. With only one language to learn, using Visual LANSA you can build Web applications faster and deploy them in less time.

LANSA’s unique business rule and data definition repository makes future maintenance and enhancement easier, faster, and less risky. Developers are more productive because they don’t have to code business rules and data definitions in their programs. The repository centralizes data definitions so that all applications use the same definitions. When a data element attribute changes, you only have to change the definition once, and don’t have to examine every application that uses that data element and make the same change. This reduces the cost of application maintenance significantly.

Developers can build mobile Web applications or hybrid mobile applications by including Visual LANSA’s native mobile app, available for iOS, Android, Windows 10/8.1 tablets and PCs. Visual LANSA provides tools for the user interface design, business logic and database access. In the case of mobile Web applications, the browser manages the user interface and for hybrid applications, the app can also access mobile device features including the camera, location services, and offline storage. The mobile Web and hybrid applications can run on smart phones, tablets, laptop and desktop devices from the same application code.

The Visual LANSA Framework (VLF), included with Visual LANSA, is an operational Web and Windows application that allows developers to develop business software rapidly with minimal coding. Developers can assemble prototype applications and use the same design for both desktop and Web applications. It is appropriate to use when you need to deliver an application quickly, develop medium to large business applications for transactional and back-office contexts, maximize design productivity and include significant user involvement in the project, and/or use a single application design for both Windows and Web.

The VLF minimizes the amount of coding required and includes a program coding assistant that can automatically generate most of the code. The VLF uses an XML-based design schema and its modular design supports many developers working on different parts of the application at the same time. As each component of the application is built and approved it snaps into the VLF. The VLF’s component structure means enhancing and maintaining applications is efficient and manageable. Developers can snap in new and maintained components without disturbing the whole application.

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  1. The line between a cloud app and a web app remains as blurry as ever. This of course stems from the natural similarities that exist between them. I’m of the opinion, however, that there are noteworthy differences, especially when looking to leverage cloud apps for richer user customization experience and seamless integration with resilient and scalable back-end infrastructure, which often characterizes public cloud services.