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Press Release: TD/OMS integrates with WebSmart PHP



TD/OMS integrates with WebSmart PHP to enable robust PHP web applications lifecycle management on IBM i.

The Remain Software IBM i Application Lifecycle Management solution, TD/OMS is now integrated with WebSmart PHP from BCD Software to enable PHP and RPG developers to deliver high quality and modern web applications quickly, within budget and according to best practices and standards.

TD/OMS has been supporting PHP on IBM i development for some time now, by facilitating components management and providing a clear overview of PHP components with its graphical impact analysis module. The recent enhancement assures a reliable and effective delivery as well as complete documentation and history of applications developed with WebSmart PHP templates. Information about WebSmart PHP applications is stored and easily accessible using TD/OMS which provides a central repository for WebSmart PHP definitions and native IBM i objects. TD/OMS also takes control over the entire change and modernization process, including multiplatform deployment. In addition, TD/OMS assures control and storage of application versions with source compare and merge functionality.

The popularity of PHP among the IBM i community is growing. RPG and RPG/ILE developers see the power and lots of advantages of using this open source solution for web and mobile development on IBM i. Need for accessibility, excellent user experience, and higher productivity are just some of the reasons why companies decide to modernize their old, green screen applications and go for a modern software accessible anytime, and anywhere. However, many of them are still shying away from this process which seems too complex. They’re afraid of losing data and history of their legacy applications or that the new applications will not work properly in the complex IT environment with multiple programs their company relies on. This is a place for TD/OMS which will keep track of software changes, store previous software versions and provide stability and successful deployment of new applications developed with WebSmart PHP. – says Marco Kok, managing director at Remain Software.
TD/OMS is a solution for all IBM i developers thinking about improvement of development, change, modernization and deployment processes. It gives complete overview of the software development process and provides a real-time overview of software components and configuration. In addition, TD/OMS pays a role of an enabler for various solutions for IBM i development and modernization, such as X-Analysis, RPG Toolbox, CA Plex, CA 2E and more.
About Remain Software
Remain Software is a market leader in helping companies to develop and modernize IBM i applications in a simple, secure and controlled way. The innovative and flexible application lifecycle management tools, TD/OMS and Gravity allow the complete insight in the software development process and significantly improve IT operations.
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