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Supporting GDPR on the IBM i


The GDPR reform is an essential step when it comes to strengthening the data privacy rights of YOUR customers, but what does it specifically mean for organizations with IBM i environments? We already know that IBM i presents its own set of considerations regarding GDPR so we have broken down the key details that will matter most to you come May.

This white paper pinpoints the appropriate sections of the regulation that relate to data protection and compliance. It helps to illustrate the functions of the Enforcive Enterprise Security product once it is implemented onto your system. We want to make this inevitable transition as easy as possible by helping to improve your information security defenses and mitigate risks without breaking the bank. Access to this whitepaper will help you learn:

  • What is GDPR
  • Who is subject to the regulation
  • How to understand the Recitals and Articles of the regulation that apply to the IBM i
  • The technical measures your business will need to adopt to comply with the regulation

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