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SoftLanding boosts process automation for modern IBM i software developments in new TURNOVER® Lifecycle Manager release


PETERBOROUGH, NH, January 21, 2021 – SoftLanding Systems, the IBM i software division of UNICOM® Global, has introduced source stream file management into its IBM i application lifecycle management solution, TURNOVER® Lifecycle Manager (formerly known as TURNOVER® for iSeries). The new software release also adds an improved web user interface to support remote workers and for making application changes on the move.

The new capabilities help future-proof IBM i development and offer improved levels of flexibility, as Jim Fisher, SoftLanding Operations Manager, explained: “This new and rebranded release has built on the heart and soul of TURNOVER’s core capabilities that have stood the test of time over the last 30 plus years. Our aim was to provide customers with an easy and familiar way to manage their stream file source code alongside their native IBM i source code. The added benefit of source stream files is that developers and software release technicians can also make use of open source tooling to extend their workflow capabilities beyond what’s possible with source code residing in the native QSYS file system.”

Fisher went on to say, “Coding in source stream files will undoubtedly hold appeal for next-gen developers as it will feel like a more natural fit for them. On a wider, organizational level it also provides the opportunity to align source code management across other platforms. That means that, as well as improving the user experience right now, this release paves the way for other new developments that will enable a more connected IT ecosystem going forward. We will be announcing more about that over the coming months.”

The new release also includes an improved web user interface with dashboard metrics to allow easier monitoring and management of application changes from any location. This provides greater oversight and flexibility for organizations managing teams across multiple locations, including an increasing number of home workers, said Fisher:

“In the current climate businesses are looking to accelerate new software deployment and manage people and projects scattered across many more locations than ever before. Dashboards allow customers to keep track of their software changes moment to moment and react quickly to new business requirements. Users can quickly gain high-level project insights, and drill down interactively for more detailed information about system changes and developments. Project, development and release managers will all benefit from being able to visualize information in this way.”

The web interface also provides greater agility while managing software changes remotely or on the move, for instance while implementing and monitoring software enhancements that are being promoted to production.

Other new software releases from SoftLanding

In addition to TURNOVER® Lifecycle Manager, SoftLanding has released new, rebranded versions of accompanying products and interfaces within the suite, including TURNOVER® Data Manager, TURNOVER® SVN, TURNOVER® for CA 2E, TURNOVER® for LANSA and TURNOVER® ProGen Plus.

There are also rebranded products across SoftLanding’s automation suite – AUTOMON®, and menu management solutions – CENTRAL® as part of a division-wide alignment exercise.

The new software releases are available to customers with a current license for the solution.

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