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Shield Advanced Solutions – new Messaging and Monitoring solutions


September 2022 – Toronto

As Shield Advanced Solutions celebrates the significant milestone, 25 years of providing Availability for the IBM i (and predecessors), our customers are raving about the new Messaging and Monitoring solutions. Many of Shield’s long-standing HA4i – high availability for IBM i customers have taken up EM4i – message monitoring for IBM i, and AAG – Nagios Monitoring for IBM i. Understanding the benefits of being fore-warned of any possible or upcoming system issues, from nearly 100 data points, they are thrilled with the fast, efficient delivery of exactly what they need. Alert distribution is sent via email, SMS, or Pushover notifications. Careful set up, means our customers are secure in the knowledge that they will never miss a step! One client told us that with AAG, he rarely powers up his PC at home to log into his IBM i. The simple fact is, that Shield’s products integrate and work very well together!

Proud of where we started, and where we are now, a quarter of a century later! Director Chris Hird says “Shield products have always been known for their fast clean code, simple-to-use and maintain focus and our reputation for reliable, above-and-beyond service support. Check the details online,, and see if Shield Advanced Solutions is the right for you! Let us know if you’d like a demo.”

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  1. This is exactly what I have been feeling recently. I’m teaching a Free Play workshop for the local R&R agency and would love to use this as a handout. May I?

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