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Remain Software releases the new CA 2E interface



Remain Software addresses the CA 2E community and releases the new, powerful CA 2E interface for their IBM i Application Lifecycle Management tool, TD/OMS. The new solution supports management of business applications built with the CA 2E case tool and allows greater insight, control and predictability of CA 2E software changes and their impact on the entire application environment.

Remain Software has been supporting CA 2E development for some time now, and with the new TD/OMS CA2E interface way of working, development is simpler and more user friendly than before. The solution allows work in the CA workbench and, when needed, access to desired functionality in TD/OMS. The 2E object registration and management is supported on the local side of a TD/OMS installation i.e. the development platform where all the TD/OMS administration is done. The 2E objects are never an active part of the distribution to a remote machine or partition of an IBM i. Once a TD/OMS application is configured to work with the 2E interface, TD/OMS functions will work with the 2E definitions as if they are standard IBM i objects.

Using the solution, the CA 2E definitions and specifications are registered in TD/OMS as objects and they can be copied from one 2E model repository to another. While changing the CA application, TD/OMS sends pop-ups informing about possible impact this change will have on other applications. Then, after the TD/OMS task is started, the impacted components will be selected automatically, which makes it easier for developers to manage the change.

Regardless whether users work with new or existing components, both types are automatically checked to development (start) stage in TD/OMS. This significantly reduces time needed for the work which previously required manual effort. Furthermore, components which are placed in the intermediate stages, such as for example testing, can be easily viewed in TD/OMS. The solution also provides an overview of the entire application environment including multiple CA2E models.

TD/OMS as well as other Remain Software products are known for their flexibility and high level of personalization allowing users to configure the application according to their specific requirements and way of working. Simplified functionality is also possible in the CA2E interface, which makes utilization of the tool user friendly.

We strive to address our customers’ needs and take their input into consideration when developing new software. This was also the case when we consulted the new TD/OMS CA 2E interface with our business partner AXSOS, specialized in the CA 2E development. We aim at providing the synergy effect from multiple IBM i development tools combined with TD/OMS application lifecycle management and this was also the case for the new CA 2E interface – says Marco Kok, managing director at Remain Software.

The CA 2E interface is an additional module of TD/OMS Application Lifecycle Management suite, which incorporates fundamental IT business processes such as Software Change Management, Version Management, Release Management, and Software Distribution & Deployment and which supports IT departments in more effective development, maintenance and modernization of their IBM i applications. CA 2E users considering modernization projects can also benefit from the combination of CA 2E and TD/OMS with seamlessly integrated X-Analysis from Fresche Legacy, which brings additional value by providing in-depth automated application analysis and documentation capabilities.

The new TD/OMS CA 2E interface becomes available for all current and new customers as of June 15, 2016.

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About Remain Software

Remain Software is a market leader in helping companies to develop and modernize IBM i applications in a simple, secure and controlled way. The innovative and flexible application lifecycle management tools, TD/OMS and Gravity allow the complete insight in the software development process and significantly improve IT operations.

The open architecture of the Remain Software solutions allows a seamless integration with multiple technology for the Power Systems market (e.g. X-Analysis, RPG Toolbox, CA 2E, CA Plex, WebSmart PHP and more).

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