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Raz-Lee’s iSecurity Suite Supports IBM i 7.3


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Raz-Lee Security Inc., a major vendor of security, auditing & compliance software solutions for IBM i systems, is announcing full support in its iSecurity product suite for IBM’s latest release of OS/400, release 7.3.

Raz-Lee’s ability to announce same-day support for 7.3, which was officially released by IBM on April 15, 2016, stems from our owning IBM i systems for all currently available releases, including for 7.3. These systems are used for development and quality control purposes and have proven their value over time.

Our customers worldwide who run 7.3 have reported no problems in this new release. Indeed, these customers were glad to know they could continue running our products on 7.3, benefiting from the new 7.3 features from day one.

“Same-day support for new IBM OS/400 releases is in line with our policy of providing our customers with leading-edge technology. IBM’s focus in 7.3 on security, via Authority Collection and other features, as well as 7.3’s unique data analysis features, will undoubtedly cause this release to be used fairly quickly at nearly all IBM i installations” said Eli Spitz, VP of Business Development at Raz-Lee Security.

“IBM’s security related features added in this release and in prior OS/400 releases signify their understanding of the importance of security, auditing and compliance to their customer base; together with IBM, Raz-Lee Security will continue to provide state-of-the-art solutions for a very wide-ranging set of security, auditing and compliance challanges.”

About Raz-Lee Security Inc. and iSecurity
Raz-Lee Security, headquartered in Nanuet, New York, is the leading security solution provider for IBM’s IBM i (AS/400) computers. Drawing upon its more than 30 years of expertise in the IBM i Performance and Optimization market, the company designs, develops and markets a comprehensive suite of advanced security software solutions – iSecurity.

Raz-Lee’s iSecurity product suite is field-proven at thousands of sites, ranging from sites with more than 200 systems thru SMBs and single-LPAR P05 installations, in more than 40 countries worldwide.


For further information please contact:
Eli Spitz
Vice President, Business Development Raz-Lee Security Inc.
Tel: 1-888-729-5334

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