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Raz-Lee Security Announces IBM i Security Bundles


Nanuet, New York – December 4, 2019 – Raz-Lee Security is pleased to announce that they are now offering IBM i Security Bundles to address organizations’ fundamental need for cyber, security and auditing solutions for their IBM i.

In today’s world, the IBM i is no longer isolated. Technological advances have compelled IBM to open up the IBM i to the rest of the world. This new openness has brought with it many of the security risks inherent in distributed environments. Yet organizations still tend to overestimate the operating system’s inherent security and, as a result, do not take the IBM i into consideration when planning for their IT Security needs.

Based on Raz-Lee’s market research, more than sixty-five percent of IT and Security Managers see security as the main concern of their IT ecosystem. Similar statistics can be found in other IBM i security surveys. However, when it comes to their organization’s IBM i, they lack many of the security solutions necessary to ensure that their business-critical data is secure. More than sixty percent still don’t have network security, antivirus and malware detection installed for their IBM i. They also don’t have SIEM/Syslog support to ensure that the IBM i is included in their Security Information and Event Management system. This means that the IBM i is not connected to the security framework of the organization and does not benefit from detecting incidents that would otherwise go undetected or the efficiency of incident handling.

Raz-Lee’s new IBM i Security Bundles provide organizations with the necessary precautions to prevent an attack or data breach. The bundles have been developed taking into account the basic needs Raz-Lee sees in the IBM i market. They utilize a subscription model that allows customers to easily implement and run the basic security solutions every organization needs in their IT environment and includes technical support.

The Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Bundle is the only solution that will stop ransomware activity before it spoils your system. It will also detect viruses in real time (as in the PC) and in scans. The bundle includes iSecurity Anti-Virus as well as the unique Anti-Ransomware solution.

The System Security Bundle helps organizations protect network access, comply with regulations, enable elevated authority and more. This bundle provides optimal protection against external and internal threats by controlling the access, management, and monitoring of security on the IBM i. It includes the unparalleled iSecurity Firewall, Audit, and Authority on Demand with real-time alerts to SIEM/DAM and response to system events as well as display and analysis of IBM i log data.
Raz-Lee Security is dedicated to providing security solutions that are tailored for the ever-changing threats faced by the IBM i. The bundles are available at an initial discount of up to forty percent through January 10, 2020.

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