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PowerWire has a new publisher in the form of NC Communications.

Lymm, Cheshire-based NC Communications is already well-known in the British midrange sector as the co-host of UK user group i-UG’s International Power conferences.

The company took over PowerWire in November 2015 after negotiations with the site’s former owner, Cue Communications, based in Manchester. Former publishing editor Seamus Quinn has stepped down from his post. It is thought that Quinn will stay on in a consultant editorial role.

NC Communications managing director Nigel Clapham says: “We are delighted to be taking PowerWire under our wing. NC Communications will build on the strengths the site has built up over the last eighteen months as an independent title. We’re also going to remain true to its roots which go back decades.

Seamus Quinn says: “Work pressures from outside the IBM space meant that I had to find a new home for PowerWire. I couldn’t be more pleased that the title has gone to NC Communications. My relationship with NC’s Irene and Nigel Clapham goes back very many years and I know that they will give PowerWire the love and attention it requires to move forward.

NC’s Irene Clapham has taken over editorial responsibilities. You can contact her at

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