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Modernisation 2.0: Systems with REAL Business Impact


Nobody wins a prize for simply replacing a 5250 green screen with a browser interface. Creating meaningful business value comes from delivering enhanced user productivity and process improvement. The ‘How’ is the dilemma.

Join this Webinar to learn how to deliver positive impact at low cost, low risk and with a fraction of the developer resource you might have thought you needed. You can use your existing developers. No need to employ new, high cost, Javascript, C# or .Net developers.

So what does ‘positive’ impact look like?

  • Your e-commerce solutions are fully integrated with your ERP back-office systems
  • Manual data entry has been virtually eliminated, saving keystrokes and errors
  • Remote workers have real-time mobile access to corporate data from anywhere
  • You can ramp new hires to full productivity in just a few days, without sight of green screens or giant user manuals
  • Managers enjoy accurate real-time reporting and live performance dashboards
  • Customers and partners can self-serve a range of online transactions e.g. order entry

IBM i on Power Systems is very capable of supporting every new business initiative – all you need is the right software and an experienced modernisation partner. LANSA has over 7,000 customers on IBM i and brings 30 years of experience in application development, integration, modernisation and migration products and professional services.

Speed is of the essence. At this event, you’ll see LANSA’s Low Code Development Platform in action.

Date: Wednesday 17th May 2017
Time: 10:00am (BST) 11:00am (CET)


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