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IBM’s Steve Will talks AS/400, POWER9, IBM i 7.4, cognitive systems, and everything in between.


True or False: The IBM i operating system is just the AS/400 all over again. False! The AS/400 provided a solid foundation, but it has evolved over the years into the entirely new technology that we call IBM i.

The 2019 chapter in our journey from AS/400 to IBM i includes new hardware (POWER9), new software (IBM i 7.4), new customers, and a strong roadmap. How do these additions make the platform more powerful? How does cognitive computing come into play?

Back by popular demand, IBM i Chief Architect Steve Will joins IBM Power Champion Tom Huntington to share a unique perspective on the direction of this platform, including:

IBM i development strategies in progress at IBM

  • Ways that AI will shake hands with IBM i
  • Key takeaways from the AS/400 days

IBM i stands on the shoulders of giants. Its heritage and strategic innovation point to a bright future for this strategic server that continues to support organizations in every industry around the world. Don’t miss a moment as the saga unfolds!

Join Steve Will on Tuesday July 16th between 3pm -4pm BST for FREE by regsitering your interest here


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