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IBM’s AIX made the most money from Unix in Q2


IBM AIX wins global server war

IBM made the most cash from Unix servers in this year’s second quarter but Oracle sold the most machines.

That’s according to an erudite analysis of the latest figures from Gartner by Timothy Prickett Morgan on EnterpriseTech.

Prickett Morgan’s reading of the Gartner ‘s latest worldwide quarterly server stats has Oracle down as shipping 11,108 machines compared to IBM’s 9,248 in Q2, 2014.

But Big Blue generated $636.2 million from its AIX-driven Power Systems and their small-form versions whereas Oracle generated just $308.5 million from its Sparc machines. HP limped in at third place, shifting 3,293 Integrity and Superdome boxes running HP-UX and earning $203.6 million for the quarter.

Gartner released its findings last week and, overall, the RISC/Itanium Unix market suffered another dip. Worldwide, it contracted by 23.2% in terms of revenue. In EMEA, revenue declined 23.6% . However, globally, actual shipments fell by only 7.9% which suggests some seriously competitive price-cutting earlier this year.

When looked at as a whole, though, the server market tells a completely different story. Worldwide server shipments grew 1.3% year-over-year, while revenue increased 2.8% from the second quarter of 2013.

HP was the undisputed champ. Globally, it posted nearly $3.2 billion in server revenues and accounted for 25.1% of worldwide sales. In EMEA, it generated just over $1.1 billion, up 7.28% on the same period last year and had a 33.6% market share.

In terms of revenues, IBM was second. Worldwide, it earned just over $2.8 billion, giving it a 22.4% market share. However, server revenues were down 9.8% compared to the same period last year. In EMEA, revenues were down by nearly 14.9%. The corporation earned almost $711,000 with a market share of just over 22%, down around 4.8%.

Gartner’s estimates place HP top of the worldwide shipments league with 569,795 units sold and a
22.9% market share, Dell second with 487,923 and a market share of 19.6%, and IBM third with 190,911 servers shifted and a 7.7% share. All three, though, lost some market share compared to last year.

Huawei beat Cisco to the fourth spot with 88,485 shipments and 3.5% of the market. This sounds like small potatoes until you consider that this was a 38.5% increase on the same quarter in 2013.

In EMEA, the top three were the same. Fujitsu made the number four spot with 4.94% of the market. Third-place IBM did well with a 9.56% market share and an 11.58% increase on shipments compared to last year.

It is salutary to consider that IBM won’t figure at all in such top-line statistics this time next year. Its sell-off of its x86 server business to Chinese giant Lenovo appears to be a done deal. Both Chinese, and U.S. regulatory authorities have now given it the thumbs up.

X86 servers make up most of the market. In Q2 2014, revenue from their sales increased by 12.7% in EMEA. Globally, x86 servers managed to produce an increase of 1.4% in units in the second quarter of 2014, says Gartner, and an 8.1% increase in revenue.

Once the Lenovo deal goes through, IBM will be one of the firms that are lumped in as “other vendors” each quarter when Gartner announces its world server rankings.

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