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IBM i: The Most Amazing IBM Product We Have Heard Of


Today I read an article in eweek about IBM i from a reporter who had attended the IBM Think 2019 conference in San Francisco, encountered IBM i for the first time and thought he had stepped into an alternative universe. It was a nice article to read because it was from an ‘outsider’ or to put it another way ‘not an IBM i user’ and he was waxing lyrical about the platform, briefly explaining the journey from AS/400 to the modern day POWER9 servers.

What caught his eye, well I would say the stability and security of IBM i especially in the era we work and live in with cybercrime, internal and external security attacks being daily concerns, but less of a concern if you are using IBM i properly.

I would hope that readers of already know that IBM i is secure, stable and our mini super-hero (reference to the article in eweek), take a look at the article, it is nice to see IBM i getting ‘good press’.

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One response to “IBM i: The Most Amazing IBM Product We Have Heard Of”

  1. Himanshu Singh avatar
    Himanshu Singh

    When I started working on the AS400 back in 1999, I wasn’t even aware of its existence. As I worked on it, and learned more about it, I have been impressed more and more. Here’s a machine which does not need antivirus, or DBA’s. A machine which can fully recover from almost any disaster…