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IBM i Marketplace Survey goes multilingual



Once again, PowerWire is getting behind HelpSystem’s mission to find out what’s going on in the wonderful world of IBM i. Yup, it’s time to fill out the 2016 IBM i Marketplace Survey.

The multifaceted midrange specialist’s annual questionnaire provides an intriguing snapshot of the global i ecosystem. What’s more, this year you can choose between taking it in English, French, German, Italian or Spanish.

Last year, we urged our readership in Europe and beyond to get involved. The peerless IT Jungle flew the flag for the initiative in the States.

Over 350 IBM i users from different industries and sizes around the world responded. Whether or not it was due to our exhortations, there was a considerable uptick in respondents from this side of the Atlantic.

This meant that the HelpSystems team could draw some fairly concrete conclusions about the differences between European and American Power i users. You can read about those here (Europeans like it bigger, newer and with more Linux) or hear about them in this webcast by Help’s Tom Huntington that I guested on back in May here.

This year, we urge more of you to get involved. IT Jungle is back on board and doing the same, plus other midrange publications are due to follow suite. The reason is, of course, simple: the more readers that respond, the better the quality of the data. Given HelpSystem’s laudable willingness to share its findings with the whole community, it would be almost churlish not to.

HelpSystems promises to publish those findings in early 2016 and will send them to all those who participate. PowerWire will also be offering its own commentary and analysis.

So what are you waiting for? Take the 2016 IBM i Marketplace Survey today.

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