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i-UG’s Summer Event Workshops


The iUG’s summer event is just around the corner & this year promises to be more exciting than ever. With a focus on innovation & practical skills, the workshops are designed to empower IBM i professionals with the latest knowledge & tools.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or new to the IBM i community, these workshops offer invaluable insights & hands-on experience.

Join us as we delve into the highlights of the upcoming workshops, showcasing the diverse topics and expert-led sessions that will be featured. From advanced programming techniques to effective system management strategies, there’s something for everyone looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of IBM i.

Get ready to enhance your skills, network with peers and explore new possibilities at this year’s iUG summer event.

An RPG’ers Guide to getting started with Code for IBM i – Jon Paris & Susan Gantner

18th June 2024 AM

Jon and Susan are both longtime RDi users. But these days RDi isn’t the only option for developers looking for an SEU alternative. If RDi isn’t your cup of tea or is beyond your budget, there’s a new free tool that you may find intriguing.

In this 2-part session, Jon & Susan will introduce you to Code for IBM i – Liam Allan’s open-source extension to Microsoft’s VS Code. Code for i provides support for developers working on IBM i using languages like RPG, COBOL and CL – including source stored in source members. It interacts with other VS Code extensions to add even more features.

Join Jon & Susan to see what all the hype is about and explore another modern way to develop RPG/CL/COBOL code for IBM i applications.

Administration Runtime Expert in Action – Rudi van Helvoirt

18th June All day

In this workshop, Rudi will demonstrate one of IBM i’s best kept secrets, Administration Runtime Expert (ARE).
ARE is one of the IBM i no charge tools that you can install without downtime & use on all of your systems regardless of the version of IBM i you are running.

Rudi will explain what this tool is, how it can help you not only save time but demonstrate IT compliance to a business or security policy.

Further, Rudi will show you how you can not only find issues on your servers but also use ARE to fix them!

We will then allow you to get hands on to use ARE to create and run your first template on our online i-UG systems.

By the end of this session, you will know how to install and use ARE and will be in a position to start your own ARE journey.

Data Centric Moving business logic into the database – Birgitta Hauser

18th June All day

When talking about application modernisation database most think about converting from DDS to DDL & redesigning the database … and yes, this might be the final goal.          
But there is much more … because we never can touch the database without respect to the application and vice versa. We have to move from an application-centric thinking to a data centric thinking. In short, instead of coding everything in whatever programming language, we should move as much business logic as possible into the database. It may even include foreign data that is provided and accessed by Web-Services.

But …what does that mean?

At first, using encapsulated (complex) SQL Statements wrapped in SQL Views or User Defined Table Functions, externalising Data Access, adding constraints and triggers, Row & Column Access Control (RCAC).

With all these techniques we cannot only reduce our source code to a minimum but also secure our data!

IBM i Security – A fresh look at the Audit Journal & the shocking truth of SQL & security – Carol Woodbury

18th June All day

Session 1: Taking a Fresh Look at the Audit Journal and its Stunning New Features

The audit journal – once boring and very difficult to decipher – is now easily accessible and understandable. Quite frankly, it should be in everyone’s toolbox for both managing security and debugging issues! In addition, it can (and should be) used as an early warning signal for security events happening throughout your network. In this session you’ll find out how you can accomplish that. Finally, as you’ll witness, the enhancements made in the most recent Technology Refresh (TR) will blow your mind! They take the usability and analysis of the audit journal to a whole new level. If you’re not using the information in the audit journal, you have a huge whole in your security analysis. Insights and demos by Scott Forstie and Carol Woodbury

Session 2: The Shocking Truth of SQL and Security

While SQL doesn’t allow you to do more than you can with green-screen commands and APIs (at least not anymore!), the fact remains that SQL presents a magnifying glass into the good, the bad and the ugly of your system’s security configuration. During this session Carol Woodbury and Scott Forstie will demonstrate how you can use SQL to discover and exploit various configurations. Scott will also demonstrate common SQL injection exploits … yes … on IBM i! The session will end with a discussion of who’s responsible for securing IBM i … IBM or the user community?

Python for IBM i Developers – Andy Youens

18th June All day

Python is a versatile and widely used programming language, known for its readability & straightforward syntax. It’s a great first language for any IBM i programmers.

Come and have some fun with this great programming language!

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for anyone interested in learning Python, especially those in the IBM i community looking to leverage Python for IBM Power server interactions.

Join us for this hands-on session & start your journey with Python, while unlocking the potential of IBM i & DB2 for i data!

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