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HelpSystems Adds Business Continuity Expertise and Professional Service Offerings


Minneapolis, MN, March 8, 2017—HelpSystems today announced the availability of new consulting and managed service offerings for IBM i backup, recovery, and business continuity led by disaster recovery expert Debbie Saugen.

By adding business continuity services to the HelpSystems professional services portfolio, customers are now able to augment their backup and recovery strategy with a powerful combination of HA/DR software and expert guidance.

“We’ve seen concerns over business continuity trending upward over the past few years and we wanted to offer valuable expertise to help our customers address all facets of disaster recovery,” said Chris Heim, CEO, HelpSystems. “We’re delighted to welcome Debbie to the team. Her years of experience are an asset to our customers and make a robust pairing when coupled with our software.”

Looking beyond disasters, recent research suggests that good business continuity management can reduce the time it takes to contain a data breech by as much as 36 days (Ponemon). HelpSystems provides expert insight to help customers protect against data loss by identify weaknesses in their backup practices, building a business continuity plan that leverages current technology, and proving their plan works by assisting with testing.

“My goal has always been to ensure that organizations are ready to recover, regardless of size, industry, or regulations,” said Debbie Saugen, Director of Business Continuity Services, HelpSystems. “I look forward to continuing this work as part of HelpSystems.”

Visit our website to learn more about the business continuity services available from HelpSystems.

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