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Fresche Launches New Power Partner Program


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Fresche, a company that has been helping companies manage and modernize their legacy IBM i IT environments since 1976, has announced its new, worldwide Power Partner Program. The new program will provide extensive support for IBM partners in helping companies discover and implement modernization tools and technologies.

Based on extensive research with customers regarding their challenges in transforming legacy systems, the Power Partner Program will help customers understand their modernization options, including how to address current business needs within a specified budget, says Jennifer Fisher, Vice President, Worldwide Channels, at Fresche Legacy.

“We discovered that customers don’t know what modernization options are available,” says Fisher. “And they think modernization is costly.”

The Power Partner Program will align customers closely with their established IBM service partners, whom they consider their “trusted advisers,” says Fisher.

The Fresche Power Partner Program will extend the company’s technology and modernization project planning knowledge to the IBM business partner community, including value-added resellers (VARs), independent software vendors (ISVs), systems integrators (Sis), and independent consultants.

The program includes co-marketing (sales and marketing tools that partners can use to reach prospective end-user customers) and extensive training and onboarding programs.

“We want to make sure that partners understand that they have an organization that can provide the right solution and local channel management, along with with the support and training—and the tools—they need to become successful,” says Fisher.

Fisher says that the company’s initial goal is to roll out the program to 10% to 20% of the approximately 2,500 current IBM partners, and that the company expects to reach the entire partner network late by spring 2017.

Fisher says Fresche’s new program continues a tradition of support for midrange computing systems that IBM has fostered for years.

“IBM has continued to support this system, and we’re working with a community that loves the system,” says Fisher. Rather than coming in with a rip-and-replace mentality, Fresche has a long history of helping customers modernize existing systems and leverage the investment that IBM has made.

“We can help customers transform these systems to do what they want—go to the cloud, go mobile, or have apps running on every different kind of device under the sun,” says Fisher. “Over the years, we’ve always been about productivity gains—how to do things smarter and faster. If a system that exists today works, why reinvent it? We believe in leveraging the systems companies have now, but providing tools to address current business needs.”

Business needs are typically the driver for any sort of IT modernization initiative, says Fisher, requiring IT managers to anticipate and effectively manage the IT environment to meet shifting business demands.

“Aligning business needs and IT has never been more critical as it is now,” says Fisher. “Our Partner Program helps end customers move the modernization process forward by eliminating confusion and allowing these customers to work with the people they know and trust.”

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–Michele Crockett, Contributing Editor, PowerWire


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