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Danish i users to gather in Copenhagen


Hotel Lautruppark

Celebrating its 40th birthday this year, Common Denmark is holding a conference next month that features a stellar cast of speakers from the Nordics and beyond.

The Danish IBM i user group’s event takes place at the Hotel Lautruppark (pictured) in Copenhagen on November 11.

Experts presenting at the conference include IBM’s Power business unit exec for the Nordics, Stefan Falkensteen and System & Method’s Doctor Niels Liisberg with the rather wonderfully entitled  session “IBM i can be used for everything”.

IBM Denmark’s Erik Rex, known locally as Mister Power, will be taking delegates through the intricacies of IBM i 7.1 and 7.2 and American globetrotter Mike Pavlak will talk about PHP.

There’s also a strong British contingent, with Maxava’s Matthew Ashton presenting a session about the cloud, looksoftware’s Paul Hodgkinson talking about modernisation and Vision Solution’s Paul Wade on workload mobility.

Common Denmark is was originally founded in 1974 by users of IBM’s System/3. As time went by, it became known as G.S. Gruppen (the G.S. initials coming from IBM’s General Systems division), then G.S. Gruppen/Common Denmark and last year changed its name simply to Common Denmark.

November’s conference is free to members, with a nominal fee for members of associated organisations. You can find out more on the Common Denmark website.

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