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Common Europe welcomes its newest country member


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Luxembourg, Europe; Common Europe is pleased to welcome its newest country member into its user group community. AIX Portal, of Russia, joins 15 other country user groups belonging to Common Europe which together represent thousands of IT professionals practicing technologies surrounding IBM Power Systems™, IBM i™, AIX™, and Linux.

Common Europe continues to strengthen and broaden its network across many European borders from Sweden to Italy and from the U.K. to Russia. Together these groups of user communities form a foundation and network that benefit not only individuals but vendors and companies who share the passion for technology and the desire to add value to their organizations. This latest member addition illustrates how the organization remains relevant in an ever-changing environment where many user groups around the world cease to exist. Thomas Schweizer, Common Europe Interim-President, emphasizes the organization is proud to welcome its eastern neighbor and looks forward to offering them networking and education opportunities as well as working with them on joint initiatives whatever they may be.


About AIX Portal
AIX Portal is a vibrant independent user community serving thousands of IT professionals in Russia, as well as serving the broader Russian speaking communities, who utilize IBM Power Systems, IBM i, AIX, and Linux technologies. Its mission is to facilitate dialogue and solutions for its members who face similar technology and business challenges. For additional information on AIX Portal, please visit

About Common Europe (CE)
Common Europe, an IT user community of IBM based solutions, is an umbrella organization of European national IBM Power Systems™, IBM i™, AIX™, and Linux™ user groups. Its aims to “boost networking, share experiences, provide advanced education and training, influence IBM products and solution strategy, offer savings and efficiencies to its members and accelerate an on‐going open dialogue with IBM and other vendors”. It is a European non‐profit community of organizations and individuals using IBM solutions. For more information, please visit or contact Thomas Schweizer, CE Interim-President, at

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