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Cilasoft Announces Job Log Explorer



(August 15, 2016) Cilasoft announces the immediate availability of Cilasoft Job Log Explorer, a no-cost IBM i system management tool that provides multiple filtering and sorting options of entries in job logs to significantly speed the process of identifying and resolving job-related issues.

“It is no secret that searching through mountains of pages of job logs to find specific program messages during the process of troubleshooting issues is an extremely tedious task,” says Guy Marmorat, President of Cilasoft. “Our business partners and members of our own company often face this during the process of developing software and supporting customers, and we continually see IT administrators struggling to efficiently isolate important job information in job logs.  This inspired us to develop a flexible, simple-to-use tool that we can not only use ourselves, but also share it with our partners and our security-audit and access-control software customers. But then we thought, let’s go a step further and make this useful tool available to the entire IBM i community at no cost. Certainly, providing Job Log Explorer without cost gives Cilasoft some publicity, but unlike other free offerings, the motivation isn’t to give away a tool that shows a weakness that a for-cost product resolves; it’s just a simple, practical tool that can benefit many IBM i shops.”

Although there is no charge to obtain Job Log Explorer, it does require a no-cost annual renewal registration.

When job logs are thousands of pages in length and contain many similar entries, the process can quickly become tedious and time consuming.  With Cilasoft Job Log Explorer, users can efficiently locate relevant system job log entries by sorting entries (job log information is parsed into columns, which can be instantly sorted) or by specifying multiple job-data criteria.

“Job Log Explorer is a huge benefit to me should I need to go through one of our massive end-of-day job logs when an issue arises, says Rocky Marquiss, Sr. Programmer Analyst for Campbell County, Wyoming. “This convenient tool helps me easily find and resolve issues so I can quickly move on to other tasks. I can especially see how this tool will benefit individuals that provide daily support to multiple systems or customers.”

Key features of the no-cost Cilasoft Job Log Explorer:

  • View any job log directly from within its output queue on any connected system. Users can view job logs for a specific user or work with job logs as locally saved text files.
  • Sort job entries by severity, text, message ID, etc.: job logs accessed by the tool are automatically parsed into columns for easy reading and click-sorting
  • Filter job entries by single or multiple parameters using “And” and “Or” filtering options
  • Supports job logs in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Portuguese. The tool interface is available in English, French or Spanish.
  • Save filtered job entries as a separate file in .xml, .csv or .html formats
  • Advance to any specified page within a job log

Cilasoft Job Log

To obtain an instant download of your complimentary copy of Cilasoft Job Log Explorer for IBM i, go to


About Cilasoft

For nearly 20 years, Cilasoft has built a solid reputation for reliability and quality in the world of security and compliance solutions on IBM i (AS/400). The company’s priorities are to provide high quality technical software to meet customer needs in system and database auditing, global access control, and elevated authority management, while ensuring customer satisfaction through the delivery of outstanding services and support. Cilasoft is an Advanced IBM Business Partner and its products are used at companies of every industry and size in more than 70 countries. For more information, visit


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