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2022 All400’s IBM i Survey


Four years agon All400’s did a ‘user’ survey about IBM i, and they had 650 resonses, this year they are doing another survey and hope to achieve 1000 responses. They have asked to promote their survey in the hope of achieving their target.

It involves the 3 major segments of the IBM i community 1:- companies who use the system 2: – People who work on it 3: – vendors who support it.

All of the questions are optional so you can scroll past the ones you don’t want to answer and then just hit ‘Save and Exit’ at the end to save your answers.  This should help you get through it fairly fast!

The link to the survey is: –

And John Rockwell, who’s conducting the survey, is updating the results every few days and these can be seen here: –

The survey ends on the 15th March 2022, so act soon if you are going to take part.

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